About Us


www.espitek.com is a web blog founded by 2 members, operating since August 1, 2019 and being operated/developed with content.

Operational goals

espitek.com acts as a blog providing knowledge about electricity – electronics, the models that we have done through and successfully.
The tutorials on how to work with electronic modules, how to write code, the source code for you to be able to implement successful projects.
Share new technologies in the world, operation and development trends of technology in the future.
We produce convenient products for life with the use of the Internet Of Things platform, with the desire to bring the most modern, convenient and fast living environment.
The main goal of the Website was created to share information that the founder knew and wanted to share. At the same time, the Website always welcomes and welcomes contributions from readers to provide more diverse articles.

Operational principles

Espitek.com operates with immutable principles such as:

Provide completely free article content.
Only recommend the best quality services/tools/products.
Update content and support readers fastest.
Create a healthy knowledge exchange environment, say no to piracy actions.

Privacy issues

The privacy of our readers is very important to espitek.com. According to global internet usage regulations, we are committed to not storing sensitive personal information of our visitors, nor will we ever ask for your personal information except when needed (send contact information). contact, sign up for newsletters, take surveys). We will use cookies as a method of marking information about visitors such as browser type, gender, visit time, page view frequency, etc. purpose for us to understand the needs of our readers to develop better content.


espitek.com allows readers to comment freely as a mini forum. In the comment area, readers can ask or give their opinions/feelings about the content of the article. But, to avoid annoying and affecting others, we reserve the right to delete comments on force majeure cases.


In order for Espitek.com to operate according to the criteria, we will have methods to generate income here, such as:

Affiliate – Referral links to products that we recommend. We never encourage our readers to use shoddy services.
Sponsored Post – In some cases, we will accept to post content from partners who accept to support us in financial matters, these content will still be committed to being suitable for the needs of our readers. fake at espitek.com. The content of this ad-type article will have the label “Sponsored” in the article title.
Banner ads – On some espitek.com locations, we will place some banners from Google Adsense, useful products and from partners who have purchased ads.
Besides, we also develop a sales channel with technology products made by ourselves.
However, we always promise that displaying/publishing ads will not disturb our readers.

Social media presence

Currently espitek.com has a number of social networking channels to interact with readers such as:

Espitek VN – Youtube